How going digital can improve the work life in stables

Everyday life as part of a stable staff or working in a professional stable requires focus, dedication and hard work. It is challenging to keep the same team of stable staff for years. And replacement of employees is common. Improving the everyday life for the stable staff is not a simple and quick task. The work with horses will always be tough. But when it comes to using digital tools for communication and overview, small changes of habits can make a big difference. How can a digital solution for stables improve the work atmosphere?

Horse people are a special breed

Working with horses requires complete dedication and focus. It requires long and hectic days. Days filled with information about the horses, changes, and communication with the team. It requires mental and physical strength that normally makes people run out of capacity.

Some say horse people are a special breed. You cannot really describe how, or why  but perhaps it is the infinite dedication,  passion and focus in their work life.

Brain power required to remember individual needs

Professional horse people, or people working as part of a stable are required to remember a lot of details and individual information about each horse. A lot of responsibility comes with the job, whether you are a rider, groom, stable hand, or assistant. Responsibility that must be carried with passion to stay focused and alert.

With full speed in the daily routine, the stable staff should still notice a swollen leg, or something different about the horses’ usual behavior. They should know the horse’s individual needs, remember medicine, supplements, or special treatments to each horse. When the rider customizes the tack, the groom should remember. They stay on top of the latest changes in feed, equipment, and routines. They keep track of when the horses should go to the farrier, to the vet and create training plans for each horse.

All this information is very often carried around by the stable staff and passed on mouth to mouth. When a stable does not have a system securing updated employees and sharing important information or change in routines, the chances are high for making severe mistakes.

The best staff are the ones who take responsibility, take charge and make decisions on their own. However, we all know how frustrating it can be to work under conditions where we have to make decisions, be responsible and take charge when we lack the necessary information. The best staff are bound to make mistakes with insufficient communication.

Improving the work environment with a digital solution

A digital solution optimizes the communication in a stable and reduces the risks of mistakes. Using a tool for stable management, helps a team to have a clear understanding of the plans, what has been done and what still needs to be done. A digital solution can  notify the team of changes in routines, tasks, and observations about the horses. And everything will be stored as history. All important individual information of the horses is available digitally which reduces the amount of information to be remembered. That way the risks of making mistakes with the horses are reduced.

Reducing the risks of making mistakes with a digital solution helps stables a long way to have happy less stressed employees. Instead of relying on good memory to remember details of each horse, a digital solution can help the employees concentrate on their work. Happy, less stressed employees are more competent and patient employees, which in the end will generate better results for any kind of business.