What our users say

Find out why stables, trainers and stable managers all over the world are using Mosson Stable

Andresen Dressage

“Mosson Stable is a necessary tool in our stable management and to secure the welfare for our horses.
Having a digital system where all the horses’s data, plans and tasks are gathered and saved so everyone always has access to the same (and not least updated) info, is a great advantage for all our employees.
In our stable with many horses and daily tasks and where we strive for the highest quality for both our horses, employees and customers, Mosson Stable is a real lifesaver.”

Lise Thøgersen


“We have chosen to use Mosson Stable because it gives us a very good overview of farrier, veterinarian, vaccines, dentists etc. for all the horses in the stable and because we then have all that information gathered in one place.

We also use it to register the number of horses in the stable, because the Danish CHR register requires the chip number to be registered and that can be saved on each horse’s profile in the Mosson Stable app.”

Alida Louise Sandvold

Stall Solstad

“I think it’s a big advantage to go digital and have everything you need in one app and connect everyone involved in the stable to one place.

We use Mosson for the riding arenas.

If there are any lessons, we can easily write in the app. Then it is clear for everyone, and we avoid double bookings.

We also use Mosson to organize vet and farrier visits and I use the app to update the owners of my training horses about the training of their horses.You just keep everything in the app to get the full overview and everything is always very easy to access.”

Ellen Birgitte Farbrot

Stutteri Følle Strandgård

“Mosson Stable helps us keeping track of all the horses. What they should do and when they should do it.

We have different people handling the horses throughout the day, and with Mosson Stable we can always see what has been done with the horses.

We use Mosson for training, paddock, walker, farrier, vaccines, teeth and insemination.”

Therese Andersson

TA Training

“I started using the Mosson app to get an easier overview and planning of my training horses.

It also became easier for my employees in the stable to get correct and directly updated information.

The Mosson app has helped me and the business a lot.”

Anders Bjørnstrup

Commercial Director, Helgstrand Dressage

“With our 600 horses and more than 100 employees, we need a stable management system to organize all tasks and secure the welfare of the horses and the employees.

Mosson Stable has given us a better overview and a more efficient way of working.

I think if it solves our needs with our complex system based on different locations, it can solve the needs of all types of stables.”

Jeanne Olsen

Dream Performance Horses

“I use Mosson Stable because it gives me a unique opportunity to keep track of all the details in our breeding program, training of the horses, as well as the opportunity for our customers to follow everything about their offspring.

The app is easy to use and gives me a quick overview of all the horses.”

Sandra Liljegren


“The Mosson app helps us a lot in the daily stable management. There is information about when the horses need to go to the farrier, to the vet, when they were vaccinated or when the dentist is coming. The more horses you have, the bigger the project it is to keep track of all these things.

Everything is saved as history in the app so that you can follow up and see what has happened to the horse.

The whiteboard function that can be used on the iPad completely replaces the whiteboard that we previously had in the stable where we plan the horses training week. Now you can see everything on the go on your mobile. “

Camilla Stormont

Adfærdscenter v/Camilla Stormont

“Mosson gives me a much better and much more detailed overview of all training and management for all horses – both the training horses, the horses in my riding school and my private horses.

We have more than thirty horses and with the app I can easily see when a horse needs new shoes or vaccination – the app can give me notifications when it is time to book the farrier or veterinarian.

It is also a great advantage that I can easily send messages to all my training horse owners and keep them updated about their horses.

The app really helps me manage all the different parts of my business and to optimize the welfare of the horses and the quality for our customers.”

Dora Gocze

Dora Gocze Equestrians

“I started using Mosson to create a structure around the management of our barn of training horses and breeding mares and stallions – we have more than 20 horses in the barn.

It simply makes my life easier and saves me valuable time during the day, by having all information, appointments, and planned activities for each horse in my pocket.

Christina Bye Winding

“As a professional rider, with an increasing number of horses in the stable, I also want to and need to step into the future of horse management.

I use the Mosson app every day and it is really easy to use.”

Mathilde Fryba Christencen

Fryba Horses and Aarhus Ridecenter - Mariesminde

“At Aarhus Ridecenter there are different people helping out in the stable and there are 43 horses.

I wanted a digital stable solution to manage everything and to keep track of all tasks and responsibilities – and after having used Mosson for my own horses and training horses it made perfect sense to implement it in the entire stable.

Mosson is really useful because you can customize the app exactly to fit your stable’s needs and you can always access all information. Mosson is definitely a great value for the stable and for me as a Stable Manager.”

Jan Ove Olsen

Stall Jan Ove Olsen

“We have chosen to use Mosson to get a better overview of each horse’s training, shoeing, etc.

and so that staff, farriers and equine therapists can get an overview of exactly who is to be trained, shod or treated. Everyone uses the app without problems!

Time is money! And we spend a lot less time on the planning in the stable and explaining everything. So, it has become a lot easier for both the staff and for me. The good thing about Mosson is that we have everything in the phone.

We have a complete overview of everything going on in the stable. This also means, that I have the overview over the whole training log for each horse. This is perfect for me as a trainer.”

Jörgen S. Eriksson

Stall Jörgen S. Eriksson

“I would recommend other trainers to try Mosson Stable – it’s time to throw away the whiteboards and look in a more digital way of working. And above all, it’s a simplification for the staff.

You can search for each horse, and all the information is there. It’s really helpful when we have different people working in the weekends for example.

it was very easy to get started with the system and It has worked well from the beginning.”

Oskar Kylin Blom

Team OKB

“Considering that everything else in the world is digitalizing, I also wanted to be more digitalized. And Mosson is a concept that works very well for me.

I use Mosson to plan the weeks, how we are going to train the horses and when we are going to the races.

With Mosson I can also easily reach out to my staff, so they get the information on how the week is planned much faster than before, when I was writing it on a paper.

This way it also gets much easier for the grooms to plan their week. “

Pasi Aikio

Menhammar Stuteri

“For me as a trainer it has been very easy to get started. The system is very easy to understand.

The best thing about Mosson for my stable is how easy it is to use and that everything you do and have done is saved in the system.

I always have Mosson Stable with me, and I can always look back in time if I need to know something about the horses whether it is about the training, farrier or vet journal, it is all there”

I think this is a good system for all stables.”

Mikkel Johansen

Johansen Racing

“It is really important to constantly inform and update your owners about the horse, how it is doing and especially before and after races,

so that they always know exactly what is happening and what is planned, and so they feel that they are a part of everything that happens around the horse – Mosson is a really good digital tool for that.”

Lisa Skogh

Menhammar Stuteri

“We always take blood samples on each horse before a race – and with Mosson we can just take a picture of the blood values that the machine shows and upload it to the horse profile.

The next time the horse starts, we can easily enter the app to see the blood values from the last time and compare the results to see if there are any changes.

It is very good and a very useful tool in our horse management and to ensure the welfare and performance of the horses. “

Oskar Kylin Blom

Team OKB

“The Owner app is good because the owners get a notification when a race is added to the training plan. That way we can directly share the plans with them when we plan the week.

The whole point of owning a horse is to be a part of the process. When the staff and the grooms send pictures and updates to the owners, they can be part of it even if they are on vacation.”

Jörgen S. Eriksson

Stall Jörgen S. Eriksson

“The time has come for more new horse owners to become syndicate horse owners and in order for them all to get good professional information about their horses, a digital platform like Mosson is needed.”