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With 600 horses and 130 employees on different locations, Helgstrand Dressage are not just great at riding, training and selling top dressage horses, but also general business management. We spoke with manager assistent Lærke Jørgensen to hear more about how they are improving their management by being more transparent and keeping more and more information digital. How does a horse business improve by keeping more data easily available?

In Denmark the company has three main locations: Helgstrand Dressage, where the competition horses are, Helgstrand Academy, where the 3- and 4-years old horses are in training and Helgstrand Youngsters, where the foals and youngsters are. Additionally, Helgstrand has stables in Germany and Wellington.

Passing on information in a digital system

In the three departments in Denmark, they have implemented Mosson Stable as a digital management system. The riders at Helgstrand normally have a list with horses they are responsible for together with their groom. They always try to keep the best match possible between horse and rider. Some of the horses stay with their riders for a long time, and some go on to either a different rider or a different location. When the horses change location or rider, they try to give the new rider and groom as much information about the horse as possible. In this way the riders can check if there is anything special about the horse, if it goes in the walker, what kind of bit, feed etc. The riders and grooms can write all this information in their own Mosson Stable app. In this way the riders are more prepared with more information about each horse they have on their list. The digital system also makes it easier for the grooms to keep track of when the horses should go to the farrier and how long it has been since last time.

When the horse is sold:

Selected information and history of each horse is not only being passed on between riders and grooms in the stables. When a horse finds his final owner and leaves for his new home, the new owner gets access to this information. Horses are being sold to professionals and amateur riders and to facilitate the best possible start, the new owner can access the history and data about the horse throughout the time it has been in the system. Information that the riders, grooms and administration has contributed with in the Mosson Stable system. That way the new owner is informed if the horse can go in the walker, in the paddock, what tack to use and so on.

“Whether it is in Denmark, Germany or the United States, you can expect absolute expertise and excellent service. Buying a horse at Helgstrand Dressage is a long-term relationship. We maintain contact and make sure you have the best possible start with your new horse. As you continue to develop as a dressage rider, we will assist you in finding the next horse to fulfil your dreams.” – Helgstrand Dressage 

More insight in the business:

When a horse is sold and leave the stable, the horse will become inactive in Mosson Stable, but the information will always be available. This makes a big difference from the systems they previously used. All the horses that leave Helgstrand stay in their digital system which leads to a more transparent business management and an opportunity to learn from historical data. Becoming more digital helps Helgstrand Dressage not only in their everyday management but can also help optimize their business. In a digital system like Mosson Stable they can make long-term plans for each horse, as well as look back in time to see what has given the best results. Some people are good at remembering, but with their new system they no longer need to keep everything in their minds. Helgstrand Dressage are becoming more data driven by learning how to optimize their management through transparent data storing. This system can give them more knowledge of where and when to optimize and when and where things are running smooth. 

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