Giving the best customer service to owners of horses in training

Owning a horse is a journey of a lot of emotional ups and downs. It is making plans and goals and changing them along the way. Being in a team and sharing the journey of owning a horse makes the journey more fun. Whether the team consists of a trainer, a co-rider or someone else training your horse.

Having a horse in training

When owners put horses in training at a professional stable, most would like to receive updates of how their horse is doing. There are always a lot of costs involved and being part of the development, receiving news and staying updated is an important part of the process. 

Any owner would be grateful for good communication with the trainer and the stable staff and a close dialogue about the progress and the further plans for the horse. Receiving weekly updates and pictures from the stable can make a huge difference in the experience of having a horse in training.

However, being a professional horse trainer or rider, means having full days riding and training horses with limited time left over to send messages and update all the owners of the horses. 

What is good customer service?

Keeping the owners satisfied and passionate, is an investment for the future. The investment is good customer service. Keeping the owners updated can make the owners feel that being part of the journey is meaningful and the experience of owning a horse is part of the game. 

But the riders and horse trainers can not spend their time doing too much administrative work and send text messages or call the owners all day long. They need to keep their focus on training the horses. 

With the Mosson app, the horse trainer or rider can add the owner, and they can get access to their horse. That way they can see everything happening to their horse, what training is planned, farrier visits, show plans etc. They can even see feedback from the trainings with pictures added to the training and communicate directly through the app. 

The horse trainer and the stable staff can use the Mosson app for general stable management and daily planning while the owners can get limited access to follow their horse in training. That way the stable gives the best possible customer service without spending extra time. 

Our vision

Our vision in Mosson is to contribute to improving the communication between owners and trainers and help trainers give the best customer service to their owners. Through giving the best customer service, having owners that love being part of the journey. By bringing the team together on a digital platform, we try to contribute to a good team spirit and communication.

We are passionate about the horse industry and want more owners to feel the joy of being part of the journey it is to own a horse. With our digital platform it is easy to give the owners the best possible customer service and contribute to giving them a great experience of owning one or more horses.