The easy way to service all your horse owners at the same time

Being a racehorse trainer means having no spare time to give special service to all the owners of syndicate horses. Although the wish for a good relationship with each owner is there, there is simply no time to update each owner of the horses they own, the progression for each horse, the plans for the next races and general status. There is no spare time for long phone calls, when having a stable full of horses to train. Achieving the best performance and results requires complete focus without interruptions. At the same time providing customer care to the owners is an important part of the business.

With a race horse app like Mosson Stable and Mosson Owner, the trainers can keep focusing on training the horses while servicing the horse owners.

The owners get weekly updates about the horses’ wellbeing, their next race and their progress

Most owners of racehorses are passionate about the horses they own. A few owners buy and keep racehorses like they own stocks. But most people buy racehorses for the experience. The experience of watching the horse perform and achieve better and better results. The experience to feel a belonging to the community. To feel a part of something from the very beginning.

To select the horse, watch it progress and be a part of the whole journey together. To one day experience together that the horse wins its first race! The journey is about much more than winning the races. It is about the small steps along the way, and enjoying the journey together as a team.

With a racehorse app like Mosson Owner, the horse owners can receive daily or weekly updates of their horses. Videos, pictures and messages from the daily life and the wellbeing of the horses. All horse owners can be updated about the plans for the horses’ next race.

How to keep the horse owners updated and engaged without spending extra time

The Mosson Stable app is designed for trainers to save time. Planning a race in the digital whiteboard in the Mosson Stable app will automatically synchronize with the Mosson Owner app and all owners will receive information about the race. Making it a routine to update the horse owners in Mosson Owner through Mosson Stable will save the phone calls for the important conversations instead of the daily or weekly updates.

All the staff who are connected to the Mosson Stable app can upload information about the horse. Everything uploaded on each horses’ profile will automatically be sent “from the horse” to its owners.

 Everything else in Mosson Stable than the section races and owners can be kept confidential and will not be shared with the owners or anyone else than the people connected to the Mosson Stable app.