How a stable app can reduce stress in the stable

Are you going on holiday but want to keep track of the horses at home? We all know the feeling of being away and worrying about the horses at home. How was the training yesterday? Will they remember that the farrier will come today? We don’t want to be nagging the people taking care of our horses to check if everything is ok several times a day, but we certainly keep our minds there constantly.

Managing horses digitally – how a stable app can reduce stress

Taking care of other peoples’ horses can be a stressful task. Stressful because there can be a lot of messages and things to remember for each horse and things to do that are not in the normal routine. Messages given through spoken word, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and text message.

It is easy to forget some of the messages. What vitamins and hard feed did they get? Which horse was it that needed farrier? Which bridle was for which horse? Did they need longing before riding?


Using a digital tool to organize the horses will make life easier for the owner on holiday and the person in charge at home. A stable app like Mosson Stable gives the person taking care of the horses a complete overview of each horse, so they don’t need to scroll back to that old message describing what they get to eat or finding that message about when the farrier comes and which horse it was.

In the Mosson Stable app each horse has their own profile with information like equipment, feed, the last shoing and vaccination. Also detailed information like how the horse should be handled, age, and breeding. Giving everyone who handles the horses access to more information about them, will reduce the risk of making mistakes.

Leaving feedback for the training sessions

If every horse has a list in the Mosson Stable app, you can see what has been done with each horse the past days. The people taking care of the horses can leave feedback for each training which will be saved as history for each horse.

Using a stable app is a perfect way to get an overview of all the individual needs for each horse. It reduces the stress for the people taking care of the horses by keeping all the information in one place. At the same time a stable app can help reduce mistakes in the stable and can give the horse owners an overview of what has been done with each horse.