Følle Strandgaard

Stutteri Følle Strandgaard is located in the beautiful area of Rønde in Denmark. Følle Strandgaard breeds German Sports Ponies and Horses next to the Dressage Training stable.

They breed high quality Sports Ponies with a good temperament so that children can be safe and enjoy their time with the ponies. The Stud and Dressage stable has beautiful facilities and from the outdoor arena you can enjoy the view of dancing dressage horses with the ocean in the background. In April 2020 Sophie and Maria went to visit the manager and professional rider Ellen Birgitte Farbrot to hear how she is using Mosson Stable.

 It was the first day of summer and some of the horses had walked across the bay to have a nice hack in the forest on the other side. Nothing beats a beach view combined with horses, and we certainly enjoyed our visit.

The stable has 4 fulltime employees and 53 horses. Ellen Birgitte tells us that they want the horses out of the box several times a day. Whether it is paddock, walker or riding.

Overview of the horses

Ellen Birgitte tells us that Mosson Stable helps them keep overview over all the different horses. They have 10 different weekend helpers who are not there during the week. Before they started using the app, they had to describe the horses as “black horse with white socks”.

In the Mosson Stable App they have pictures of each horse. Which helps them keep track of all the horses, even for the helpers who are only there in the weekend. The weekend helpers can type in the app if something happens, so the don’t get any surprises on Mondays.

We use Mosson Stable for training, paddock, walker, blacksmith, vaccines, teeth and insemination. The app is really useful for me as a rider, because I can give one owner access to one horse, and the owner can see everything that happens to this horse.

Ellen Birgitte explains how Mosson Stable also help with making the system for invoices much easier. The blacksmith can see which horses and what needs to be done, and who should have the invoice for the job.