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Everything you and your team usually write on the whiteboard, on paper, in Facebook groups, SMS or WhatsApp messages can instead be registered, planned, logged and not least be saved as history in Mosson Stable.

Clear Communication

Clear and updated communication within the team and to the horse owners.

Efficient & Timesaving

Plan all tasks and training and save important info and data about all horses in

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Mosson Stable gives you the best way to manage your horses and stable digitally.

Clear Communication

Efficient & Timesaving

Get the full Overview

Mosson Stable

Main features

Discover the features that help you manage and organize your horses, team and stable efficiently.

Mosson Stable is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

Calendar Overview

The best overview of all your horses

With this visual overview it is easy and quick to get an overview of the activities for all the horses in the stable for yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Use this overview as a checklist to make sure you haven’t forgot to plan anything for some of the horses in the stable.

This is unvaluable and hugely timesaving for stables with many horses.


Get the full overview of each horse

The calendar gives you a complete visual overview of each horse’s activities for a full month.

Use this calendar view to:

  • See all history for the last month
  • See what is planned
  • Schedule the next days, weeks or month

Click on a date and the activity for the day will be shown. To see further details, you can click into the activity.

Stable plan

Stable planning made easy and efficient!

The Plan tab gives you and your team a common entry point to a complete overview of all trainings and tasks in the whole stable. Everyone can see:

  • The plan for today and the coming days
  • Who is assigned to the tasks and trainings
  • What has already been done
  • Tasks that may have been forgotten

This gives you as a stable manager full control and overview of everything in the stable. At the same time everyone in the stable will know all plans.

Also, you can customize the plan tab with your own lists that gives you and your team exactly the overview and info that you need to manage your stable optimally.


Teamwork, effective communication, and information sharing

Teamwork, communication and sharing of information is crucial in any stable to be running smoothly. With Mosson Stable it is simple and straightforward!

On all tasks, trainings and observations everyone can write feedback and tag involved team members.
Let someone know you have finished a task or changed something by tagging them and leaving a comment.

When everyone is updated and have the correct information teamwork gets easier and mistakes can be avoided.

Horse list

Instant access to all horses

When you need information about a horse, you can easily and quickly find the horse in the horse list.

  • Star mark chosen horses to have them shown in the top of the list
  • Grooms can star mark “their” horses to have easy access to them
  • Use the search function to quickly find a particular horse

Having instant access to all info and logs of all activities for all the horses in the stable provides great value for you as a stable manager and for the whole team – but also for the farrier, veterinarian, dentist and other therapists, where it is a great advantage to be able to answer even the smallest details about the horse.

Horse profile

Save all info in one place

The horse profile collects all info about your horses – health records, training, feed, box etc. And you can customize the horse profiles, so you can add all the info about the horses, that you need.

You can always see the latest vaccination date and the latest farrier visit. You can also see if the next visit is planned – and you can set up reminders, so you make sure to schedule the next vaccination or farrier visit in time.

  • Save all info about your horse
  • Overview of all planned activities
  • See history of all tasks and trainings

You can control who has access to which horses and their info.


Everything is saved as history

All tasks, trainings, and observations you create are logged and can be found in the history in each horse’s profile.

The 30 days history gives you a complete overview of everything that has been done with the horse the past 30 days in one place. 

If you want to look further back in time, or see something specific, like veterinarian visits, farrier or all your trainings, you can use the tags tab and find everything you are looking for.

You and your team can add notes, leave feedback and uploads photos and videos on all activities.

Customized features

With Mosson Stable you don’t have to compromise with your normal routines!


What our users say

Find out why stables, trainers and stable managers all over the world are using Mosson Stable.

Jörgen S. Eriksson

Stall Jörgen S. Eriksson

I would recommend other trainers to try Mosson Stable–it’s time to throw away the whiteboards and look in a more digital way of working.

Alida Louise Sandvold

Stall Solstad

It’s a big advantage to go digital and have everything you need in one app and connect everyone involved in the stable to one place.

Oskar Kylin Blom

Team OKB

Mosson works very well for me. I use Mosson to plan the weeks, how we are going to train the horses and when we are going to the races.

Jan Ove Olsen

Stall Jan Ove Olsen

Time is money! And we spend a lot less time on the planning in the stable and explaining everything.

Therese Andersson

TA Training

I started using the Mosson app to get an easier overview and planning of my training horses. Mosson has helped me and the business a lot.

Anders Bjørnstrup

Helgstrand Dressage

Mosson Stable has given us a better overview and a more efficient way of working.

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Mosson Stable is a digital horse and stable management solution for equestrian stables and racehorse stables.

Mosson Owner is an app for owners of racehorses.

Mosson Stable simply makes my life easier and saves me valuable time every day

Dora Gocze

Dora Gocze Equestrians 

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Welcome to Mosson

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