• Plan the tasks for your horses
  • Overview in one place
  • Mosson Stable is your memory
  • Horse Owners
  • Less paper work
  • Share knowledge

Digital whiteboard

  • Add people to contribute to the whiteboard
  • See what has been done and what needs to be done
  • Plan a detailed schedule for each horse
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Simplicity is important

“I always have Mosson Stable with me and I can always look back in time if I need to know something about the horses whether it is about the training, blacksmith or vet journal, it is all there”.

– Pasi Aikio, Menhammar Stutteri


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1-3 horses

Monthly subscription

Mosson Stable app 6,40 EUR
Vat 1,60 EUR
Total 8,00 EUR
(the amount will be withdrawn from your account each month)

4-9 horses

Monthly subscription

Mosson Stable app 19,20 EUR
Vat 4,80 EUR
Total 24,00 EUR
(the amount will be withdrawn from your account each month)

Unlimited number of horses

Monthly subscription

Mosson Stable app 38,40 EUR
Vat 9,60 EUR
Total 48,00 EUR
(the amount will be withdrawn from your account each month)

When you create your stable in Mosson Stable, you access a tool that everyone in the stable can use, no matter how many horses, employees and volunteers you link to it.
Using the app, you can plan the work around your horses, save all history and find all information about each horse in the horse's profile.
You can choose which employees and volunteers in your stable should have access to Mosson Stable. Each employee and volunteer gets his/her own profile and afterwards they can use the app on their own smartphones and tablets.

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