Why every stable should go digital

Is your stable still using paper lists for farrier visits, deworming dates, or vaccinations? Do you still keep important information about the horses on Facebook groups, group chats, WhatsApp and messages? Do you still use Facebook groups to announce trainings or things going on in the arena?

If so, now is the time to change and keep all important information about the stable in ONE place.

Farrier lists

How many times have you experienced a misunderstanding regarding shoeing? Your horse is missing a shoe and you call the farrier only to hear that he or she was at your stable yesterday. You forget to tell the farrier your horse needs stud holes for that next show on grass. The farrier comes and the horse is still out in the field with muddy legs.

When your stable is using Mosson, each horse can have the next planned shoeing in the app, and everyone can see when the farrier is coming the next time. Your farrier will love you for connecting him or her to Mosson. It will be easier for him or her to plan the day when they know exactly how many horses to do and what should be done with each horse.

They will have all the information they need for each horse; What should be done? What should not be done? When was the horse done last? Who should be invoiced? It is all there in the app.

Arena time schedule

How many times have you missed out on information about things going on in the arena? Someone posted in that Facebook group two weeks ago that they planned a dressage lesson today, but did anyone write that down somewhere afterwards?  

Announcements no longer go unnoticed in group chats or Facebook groups, when everyone has the app. With Mosson, you can easily check the app and the digital whiteboard to see if something special is planned for today or the next days. In this way, people can give each other a heads up when there are lessons planned, clients coming to try a horse etc. 



When everyone in the stable uses Mosson, you can see when someone has planned to have visitors coming. Whether it is a saddle fitter, chiropractor, dentist or veterinarian, you can see the details of the plans in the whiteboard, and you can easily ask to join with your horse.


Show schedule

How many times have you wondered who else from your stable is going to the same show as you? When everyone in the stable uses Mosson and adds their show plans, it is easy to see if some plans should be changed.

Veronica Öhrling from Vequest AS in Norway has a list in their Mosson app that shows when someone has a planned show or training away from home. This gives everyone a chance to come along, with or without horse as company.

Training schedule

Veronica Öhrling has students at home and at Arneberg Equestrian Center. Both stables have Mosson, and she can easily switch between the stables in her app to create a plan for her students. She plans the week for them and adds the time sheets for the lessons. The students can see who else has planned to go on the race track, or a hack in the woods that day and often end up training together.

Team building

Öhrling says that Mosson helps Vequest involving everyone as a team. The equestrian sport can be quite individual and even lonely. Most stables leave their boarders to their own, which leads to a highly individualistic culture where each owner minds their own business setting up a training schedule for their horse, planning the next shows, clinics, booking a farrier, chiropractor or a veterinarian.

Öhrling says that Mosson helps her stable become more collectivistic. People in the stable do not need to be best friends to be more involved in each other’s horses. With Mosson, everyone can see when someone has booked a chiropractor, a saddle fitter or is planning to hack out or go to the racetrack. 

My stable is full of people who are involved and care about each other and all the horses here. Having Mosson is helping me keep a culture where we help and care about each other. I think the Mosson Stable app can help more stables become collectivistic with a system like this, she says. 



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