What is owning a racehorse about?

Owning a racehorse is a journey, and it is about being part of a team. A team of co owners, trainer, and stable staff. It is about the joy of watching your horse perform at the races and follow the horses’ progress in its daily life. 


Being a trainer having 40 or 100 horses in training where each horse has several owners, it is not easy to keep each horse owner updated individually. Sending text messages to each owner to give weekly updates about their horses, the trainers would do more administrative work than actually training the horses. 


However, a horse owner with passion for horses, and with enthusiasm to be a part of the team, will be grateful for good communication with the team and a close dialogue with the trainer. Getting updates about the next planned races for the horse, and receiving weekly updates and pictures from the stable can make a huge difference in the experience as a racehorse owner.

What is good customer service?

Keeping the owners satisfied and passionate, is an investment for the future. The investment is good customer service. Keeping the owners updated can make the owners feel that being part of the journey is meaningful and the experience of owning a horse is part of the game. Not only the sum of price money when the horse wins a race. 


But the racehorse trainers can not spend their time doing too much administrative work and send text messages or call the owners all day long. They need to keep their focus on training the horses. 

Our digital platform for racehorse owners and racehorse trainers, brings trainers, stable staff and owners together to ONE common space. The trainers and stable staff can keep the owners updated by sending pictures and daily or weekly updates about the horses. When there is a race planned for the horse, the owners can get notified directly in their Mosson Owner app.

The Mosson Owner app for racehorse owners and the Mosson Stable app for racehorse trainers and stables are connected and selected information from the Mosson Stable app can be sent to owners in their Owner app. This creates an opportunity for trainers to keep their owners updated and informed without spending too much time sending text messages and calling each individual owner. The trainer can plan a race in the Mosson Stable app, and the owners can receive this information directly after the trainer has made the plans.

Our digital platform brings trainers, stable staff and owners together. Our vision in Mosson is to contribute to improving the communication between owners and racehorse trainers and help trainers give the best customer service to their owners. Through giving the best customer service, having owners that love being part of the journey. By bringing the team together on a digital platform, we try to contribute to a good team spirit and communication. 

We are passionate about the racehorse industry and want more owners to feel the joy of being part of the journey it is to own a racehorse. With our digital platform it is easy to give the owners the best possible customer service and contribute to give them a great experience of owning one or more racehorses. 

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