How to get started

The website is where you set up your new stable management system and the app is what you will use every day in the stable. 

In this introduction we will show you how to set everything up on the website, and how it will look on your phone. 

Step 1

Set up your new app through the website mossonstable.com

Add your horses

You add the horses you want to have in your app on the website: mossonstable.com

In Master Data you type in the name of your horse and their registration ID. Add the information you want like pedigree, gender, chip number or phone number of the owner etc.

How it looks like on your phone and on the website.

Invite your employees to avoid lack of knowledge

You invite your employees on the website. There is no limit to how many people you can connect to your stable. You can also add the vet and the farrier, so that they can only see the horses they work with.

Step 2

Open the app, add the info and create tasks

To open the app, log in with your user name and the password that you used when you logged in to the website.

Now you are ready to start creating tasks and trainings for your horses!

If you want to add info about your horses, go to their profile and fill in what tack they use, what they eat etc.

Tailor your stable with templates

When you want to create a task, a training or an observation in the app, you get some options. These options are templates. Click on the name of the template in the app to add details to the title.
If you often change the name of the template on the app, you can create your own templates on the website.

Remember: Every template has tags connected to them. Tags are simply there to organize the tasks and trainings and place them where they “belong”. Scrolling back in the horse's history, it is easier to find tasks and trainings when they have the right tags connected to them.

For example: You create a training template called “Show” and you tag the template with a “Show” tag, then all the tasks with this tag will show in one place in the history of the horse or if you make a ‘Show list’ on the Plan tab.

On the left is how it looks like when you create a template on the website.
On the right is how it shows on your phone when you selected a template. 

Step 3

What are lists for?

Lists are used to filter the things you want an overview of.
When you create lists on the website, all connected users can see the lists. If you create lists on your phone, they will only be visible to you.

With lists, you create an overview of anything you want.

You can create a list for the farrier, a list for hay or hard feed to see how much you use each month.

You can also create a list for a single horse and its costs, to see all the expenses for the specific horse.

Or you can create a list for shows or events to see what plans the other people in the stable have.

The possibilities are endless!

On the left is how your app will look like with the lists. On the right is where you create the lists on the website.

Star marking horses

When you star mark your horses, they will show on top of your list with all the horses in the stable.

You star mark your horses by going to the horse profile and clicking on the star on the left side of the name of the horse.

The user roles

By giving your employees a certain role, you give them access to certain things in the app.

You can add the vet, the farrier, the dentist and the therapist to see what horses and what to do with them in Mosson. They will only see information that is relevant for their job.

If you have different people helping on the weekends, they can be marked with user role type E, and only see the tasks that are planned for one day at the time, plus the horses' master data.

You will always be able to change the user roles through your profile on the website.

Create training in race stable (Race stable)

In no time you can create training on your phone, for every one in the stable to see.

Go to website to put horses in the app

It is easy to create horses on the website, so you have all your horses in the app.

Get started with Mosson Stable

See this short video about how you get started with Mosson Stable, and how easy it is

Create task on horse profile (Race stable)

See this short guide on how to create tasks on the profile on a horse (Race stable)

Create, edit or delete employees.

If you have employees in your stable, or want to give helpers access to your stable,

Share equipment notes and other note boxes.

See how you can share notes about equipment for each horse, or how you can create special

Create task on horse profile (Horse stable)

See this short guide on how to create tasks on the profile on a horse.

Create task on plan (Horse stable)

See this short guide on how to create tasks on plan. Plan is where you have overview over everything 

Make lists to get overview

It is easy to make tailor-made list’s that gives you a very good insight of specific

Star mark your primary horses 

If you have horses that are you primary horses, you can make them your marked horses, and

Features on the digital whiteboard (Race Stable)

The whiteboard is well known in most stables. See here how the digital whiteboard is easy 

Create templates on the website

It is easy to change tasks and trainings types in the app. Do it on the website and it will show on your app. 

Shift between different stables 

If you are using Mosson Stable at work, and also want to use the app at home.

Features on the digital whiteboard (Horse Stable)

The whiteboard is well known in most stables. See here how the digital whiteboard is easy