How to streamline the stable management

How can a digital stable management app help new team members become comfortable in the daily routine?
How can digital systems make the daily routine and life in the stable more efficient?
And how can working digitally in the stable help new team members take more responsibility at an early stage?

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How to sell horses in a professional way

Having an online portfolio with updated information about horses for sale will help a long way answering the most common questions from clients. Each horse can have a detailed updated description with level and personality. There will be less questions from clients when the description online is updated and always easily available.

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Mb horses is a stable in Denmark. Young Madelen Bennetsen is only 17 and starting her career as a rider. Read about the family and their values.

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What is owning a racehorse about?

Owning a racehorse is a journey, and it is about being part of a team. A team of co owners, trainer, and stable staff. It is about the joy of watching your horse perform at the races and follow the horses’ progress in its daily life.

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The importance of varied training

Sometimes it can be easy to end up riding in the arena day after day when you have not made a weekly plan for your training.With the new calendar view in Mosson on your phone, you get the complete overview of the schedule. Plan your schedule directly in the Mosson Calendar.

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How to update the horse owners efficiently

Being a racehorse trainer means having no spare time to give special service to all the owners of syndicate horses. With a race horse app like Mosson Stable and Mosson Owner, the trainers can keep focusing on training the horses while servicing the horse owners.

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