Collaboration with Share a horse

We are so excited to tell you about the kick off of one of our collaborations in Denmark. “Share A Horse” is the name of the project. We collaborate with the Danish Racehorse Association; Dansk Hestevæddeløb to make it easier and better to become a racehorse owner.

Here, Maria visits Team Juul in Skive, Denmark, and gives an introduction to Mosson Stable and Mosson Owner.

Share A Horse is a platform where trainers can offer their horses for sale in shares.
On the platform, it is easy for new owners to review the finances of the projects and owners can buy shares directly on the website: www.Shareahorse.dk

Trainers are connected to all new owners via an app; our Mosson Owner app, where they can send photos, videos and information directly from the stable.

Julie visiting Trainer Morten Friis and Team Friis’ communication employee, Per Jensen and the horses Givemediamonds and Heavens Light.

This means that trainers can now easily reach out to new horse owners and thus get new owners in the stable and they can provide a good service by informing via the Owner app. At the same time, the trainers do not get any additional administrative work, as all this is handled via the platform.

Share A Horse has been running as a pilot project throughout March together with a Funen trotting trainer; Team Johansson and the horse Itsflippinggood and is now finally launched in May with two more projects: Team Friis with ‘The Derby horses’ : Heavens Light and Givemediamonds and Team Juul with the horse Halli Tiki.

Already 183 horse owners are connected to the Mosson Owner app via the three Share A Horse projects, and we are really happy about that. 

Our focus is the horse owner experience – but with a desire that it is also easy for trainers and stable staff to provide exciting information to the owners between races from a hectic day in the stable.

Read much more about the Share A Horse platform at www.shareahorse.dk and also read here how Mosson Stable and Mosson Owner are used in the project.

Happy reading!

With Mosson Stable, all the people connected to the app can leave each other messages, see changes in plans and see the records for each horse. Every person in the stable will feel more involved with a tool that gives them a full overview of your plans and schedule. You no longer need to repeat the horses’ routines to new people in the stable. Every person in the stable will be able to take responsible choices when they know what is normal for each horse. Register all normal information for each horse like temperature, pulse and any other special remarks. Be a better leader – download Mosson Stable today.

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