Pasi Aikio

In April 2019 Maria and Julie visited one of Mossons race horse clients. Pasi Aikio is a Swedish racehorse trainer with years of experience in the industry. He is based at Menhammar Stuteri where he is in charge of the high-quality training of trotters. Menhammar Stuteri breed, train, compete and sell first-class trotting horses. For more than sixty years the stud has been considered one of the most successful and classical studs in Sweden. The stud has around seventy mares with foals, eighty yearlings and six stallions. There are around three hundred horses in total at the stud. At stall Yttesta which is based at Menhammar, Pasi Aikio is running the first-class training and racing Stable. He trains horses bred by Menhammar and horses from other owners. All together there are fifty-five people working at the stud, where ten of them work at Yttesta. (Menhammar.com)

Pasi Aikio started using Mosson because he has a lot of horses and in the race industry, that means a lot of paperwork involved. To get rid of all the paperwork and get a more efficient system, he tried out Mosson Stable.

— Simplicity is important and the system is really easy to use, he says when we asked him how it was to get started with Mosson Stable. Everything you have done with the horses in the past is registered and you can easily go back in time to see what has happened with each horse. Whether it is about the training, the vet or anything else.

And what about the employees working in the stable?

—It is important that the system is easy to use for everyone, especially those who work with it the most, and that is of course the employees. Anyone can get started and use Mosson Stable, he says.

For Aikio, Mosson makes a difference in his everyday life and work.

—The difference now that I have Mosson Stable is that I no longer have all the paperwork. Before, all the information about the horses was in the office in paper folders. Now I can take Mosson with me everywhere. If I need to know something about the horses, I can always look up each horse and go back in time to find the information I need.

The employees and the trainers can all contribute with information, and everything about each horse will be saved for the future.

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