New features are coming


We are always working towards giving our clients as much value as possible with our solution. These are the new features we are currently working on


Pictures and videos in tasks 

Soon you will be able to upload pictures and videos in the tasks you create. 


Tasks on web 

Soon you will be able to create tasks on the website, which means you can create a plan for your stable on your computer as well as on your phone or iPad. 



Soon you will be able to get reminders for shoeing and vaccination (and anything else you need). When you create a task, you will get an option to set a reminder in weeks, months, or a year. That way you will always stay on top of vaccinations and shoeings without having to check yourself! 

With Mosson Stable, all the people connected to the app can leave each other messages, see changes in plans and see the records for each horse. Every person in the stable will feel more involved with a tool that gives them a full overview of your plans and schedule. You no longer need to repeat the horses’ routines to new people in the stable. Every person in the stable will be able to take responsible choices when they know what is normal for each horse. Register all normal information for each horse like temperature, pulse and any other special remarks. Be a better leader – download Mosson Stable today.

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