Small facts and the story about Mosson

The 21st of March 2018 Mosson Stable was launched for professional racehorse stables. Later the same year the solution was developed for equestrian stables. Mosson is a Danish company and behind the organisation is the director Julie Liv and the product developer Maria Morin. Who are these two women and what led them to creating a digital solution for the horse industry?

Neither of the two sisters had worked in the horse industry before. While Julie and her husband had worked many years within health care, Marias husband was responsible for employees in a zoo. The differences in the two industries were remarkable and led to discussions about information held by employees and the communication within the organisation. By comparing the two industries, a shortcoming to the industry involving people working with animals became noticeably clear for everyone participating in the discussions: important knowledge and information is mainly held by the employees. Mouth to mouth is the normal form of passing on Information and normally there is no system securing updated employees and sharing of important information or changes in routines.

The dialogues that led to the idea of Mosson

A lack of system securing updated employees, often results in flaws. Being an employee in an industry where there is no digital system to receive updates and a general overview of the individual needs of the animals, requires a lot of memory. Even the sharpest employees are bound to make mistakes when lacking the necessary updates and information. Having all the individual needs of the animals stored in human brain memory is the norm in this industry. In the health care industry, mistakes are normally being avoided by an integrated digital system. The early Mosson team continued their discussions about the differences between the two industries, which led to ideas and motivations to change the norm. The norm where employees are the only people holding information about the animals. While the specific ideas varied, the motivations and vision always remained the same; to create a digital solution to avoid mistakes when working with animals.

A digital solution to help avoid mistakes, would also help the employees in their work. When the risk of making mistakes is reduced, the work life for the employees would improve. Instead of relying on good memory and remembering details of each animal, a digital solution could help the employees concentrate on their work. Happy, less stressed employees are more competent and patient employees, which in the end will generate better results for any kind of business. While the idea of Mosson was to help the employees in their everyday life at work, the early Mosson team was business minded and cared about satisfying the organisations’ needs.


Why develope solutions for horse stables?

The early Mosson team had connections but were not directly involved in the horse industry. Through conversations and dialogues with the connections they had in the horse industry, they realised that the same needs and shortcomings were present in the horse industry as well as the zoo industry they already were familiar with. The early Mosson team slowly started to shift focus to the weaknesses of the horse industry. They started a process of field work and thorough research in different race and dressage stables. The stables’ needs and shortcomings became more and more clear. The specific products and its functions to satisfy the needs started to take shape. The early Mosson team were told that their product was perfect for the racehorse industry. However, in their field work they had found some of the same needs in the race and equestrian stables. When the Mosson Stable App was released in 2018 it was directed and developed for race stables. But very soon many equestrian stables contacted Mosson as well, which started the process of developing tailored solutions for race stables and equestrian stables.

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