How to sell horses in a professional way

With the Mosson Stable Premium subscription, the horses have folders with documents and pictures. One of the folders is a sales prospect which can be shared with interested clients through a link.  

Answering all the clients’ questions

Everyone who sells horses knows how many different questions there are from interested clients. Advertising a horse for sale online often leads to numerous people contacting to ask 10 different questions to find out if this horse could be their new dancing partner. “How tall is the rider on the horse?” “How is the horse on transport?” “How is he when hacking?” “Does he have any stable vices?” The list goes on, depending on the individual needs. When selling horses in a professional way you want to be available to clients and quick to answer their questions. Sometimes it is challenging to answer 10 questions from 3 different clients when simultaneously working hands on with the horses.


Having an online portfolio with updated information about horses for sale will help a long way answering the most common questions from clients. Each horse can have a detailed updated description with level and personality. There will be less questions from clients when the description online is updated and always easily available.

The shortcomings of online ads

When you have a lot of horses for sale, it is not always convenient to advertise them online or create an ad for each horse for various reasons. When creating an ad online, there is a limited amount of time the ad will be visible for potential clients. The longer the ad is live, the further down in the list of horses it will appear and eventually the ad will expire.  


Having an online portfolio of the horses for sale will ensure that the prospects are available as long as the horse is for sale. There is no expiration date, and the ad will not disappear further down in a search list.


Keep updated information available on your phone

You never know when you will meet a potential client for a horse you have for sale. Meeting someone who happens to search for exactly the type of horse you or your business partner have at home, you want to be quick showing the horse’s profile with pictures and information. Share the link to the portfolio to the interested client and they can go home and read more about the horse without having to contact you again for more questions. There is no need for business partners to spam each other continuously with the latest videos and pictures anymore. All you need is a link with the latest videos and information.

All documents stored in one place

If your client wants the x-rays of a horse from your business partner, you no longer need to ask for them to be sent to you and forward them again. All the necessary documents of the horses are in their individual folders in their portfolios online. Simply give a link to the client with x-rays, description, pictures and videos.


The horse selling process involving several parties

Selling horses in a professional way often requires several parties. Business partners sell each other’s horses, professionals sell horses from clients, horse scouters sell horses from stables, trainers sell horses from contacts to students and contacts sell horses for other contacts. This process requires a continuous dialogue between the client and the seller, and the horse scouter or the contact. Today, you no longer need to wait for answers and information about the horses. All these people involved in the process of the sale can see updated information about each horse in an online portfolio. The seller can give selected people a link to the portfolio with updated documents, information and pictures and videos which makes the process much smoother. 

With Mosson Stable Premium, the horses have folders with documents and pictures. One of the folders is a sales prospect which you can share through a link with partners or clients. The prospect folder has updated information, documents, videos and pictures. The prospects are automatically generated so you can share these with potential buyers on whatsapp, messenger, on Facebook or anywhere else. 

It is easy for you to access the prospect folder and update information so you never have outdated information on your sales horses online. You can also choose to give selected people access to update or edit the prospects so the best latest videos and pictures are uploaded continuously.

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