How to make the best experience out of owning a race horse

What makes owning a race horse so special

Together with your team of owners you choose which trainer you think can give the best results and experiences. Through careful selection, you find the perfect beautiful racehorse with hopefully lots of potential. It is the beginning of a long, fun and exciting journey. A journey which will consist of ups and downs and lots of learning about a whole new world. A new chapter with hope and dreams for the future. Owning a horse is not like owning stocks. Owning a horse is an experience. It is being part of a team.

The horse, the team of owners, the trainer and the stable staff taking care of the horse becomes a part of your life. It becomes a part of you. And the better all these parts can work together- the better performance and results your horse will have. However, it is not only about the performance and results. It is about all the the small steps along the way. It is about seeing the horse perform better and better. Seeing pictures and videos of the horse in the stable or in training, to show to your friends and family. It is about coming behind the scenes and not just watch your horse from the tribune. You are passionate about your horse. You are the owner and you should enjoy being involved in the horses’ journey. You should easily be able to see when the horses’ next race is. And you should get to know how your horse is doing without having to call your trainer. When you can follow your horse and stay close to the team of shareowners, trainer and stable staff, the experience of owning a horse becomes special.

The trainers’ special life

For many people, being introduced to ownership of a horse, it is like being introduced to a completely new world. Because the horse world really is a world of its own. Some say horse people are a special breed. You cannot really describe how, or what it is that makes these people so special. Perhaps the dedication and the long work hours. Perhaps the passion and focus. Or perhaps the whole package. Horse people are not like normal people, and you cannot compare them to normal people either.

Being a horse owner and collaborating with a trainer and the stable staff to your horse requires an understanding for these people and their special lives. Training horses requires complete dedication and focus. It requires long and hectic days. Days filled with information about the horses, changes and communication with the staff, the grooms and the owners. It requires mental and physical strength that normally makes people run out of capacity.

The challenges for the stable staff

The people who deal with your horse the most are the stable staff. They get to know your horse, how it behaves and notice if something changes from its usual behaviour. They bring your horse in and out of the field and keep track of the daily and weekly schedule. They know when the horse will go to the farrier, to the vet and when it will be tacked up for training. They stay on top of the latest changes in feed, equipment and routines.

The stable staff have a very central and important role in the life of your horse. They pay attention and stay focused and fit to remember all the details of each horse and to stay on top of all the changes. The best staff are the ones who take responsibility, take charge and make decisions on their own. However, we all know how frustrating it can be to work under conditions where we have to make decisions, be responsible and take charge when we lack the necessary information. The best staff are bound to make mistakes with insufficient communication. By improving the work in the stable, by securing clear communication and understanding of the routines then a team will come a long way.

Mosson – connecting all the people around the horse

Our Mission is to bring the owners, the trainers and the stable staff together. We want the owners to be involved, but in a way that does not put more work on the trainer and the stable staff. We want to make the lives of the trainer and the stable staff easier, better and more efficient. We want a better industry. We want development and make quality in recruitment possible. We want more owners to take part in the circus and we want the lives of the professional horse people to be as healthy as possible.

Do your trainer and the stable staff a favour and let them know about the Mosson Stable app – a digital stable management system for optimal communication in the stable.

  • When your trainer has Mosson Stable, you can easily find your horses in the Mosson Owner app.
  • Your trainer and the stable staff can send you photos and videos from the daily life of your horse. Your trainer can send you the next planned race for your horse.
  • Follow your horses through MOSSON OWNER

→ Read more about The Mosson Owner app here

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Mosson Owner - how to get started

Free download

Downloading the app is free

Find your horse

When you find your horse/horses you start your subscribtion. You can find your horses directly in the Mosson Owner app if your trainer uses Mosson Stable

Invite your trainer

Do you think your trainer does not use Mosson Stable yet? You can easily invite your trainer to use Mosson Stable through your new Owner app

€5 a month for unlimited number of horses

When your trainer uses Mosson Stable and you have found and got access to your horses, your monthly subscription will be €5 a month for your Mosson Owner app. No matter if you have 1 or 100 horses and if you have horses at one or more trainers, all information about all horses will be gathered at one place; in your Owner App

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