How Mosson is used by the racehorse stables

There is a lot of organising to do when you have 100, 40 or 10 horses in training. If you are planning the training yourself, it can be difficult to remember every detail about each horse. 

Meeting owners at the races with your Mosson app

Everything about your horses can be found in the Mosson Stable app. You can check the progress and the next planned races and trainings.

With Mosson you can have all the information about your horses in your pocket while you are away from home. In this way you can still give your horse owners the best service and experience without having to remember every detail about every horse yourself that can potentially take away your focus from the race you are at. 

Making the organising easier for the team

If your stable has a second trainer and more staff, having Mosson is a great way for everyone to see what is planned and how things are organised. Organising the transport before a race, who goes to the clinic and when, which horses are to be trained by who and when etc. Everyone in the team can see what is planned. 

When you plan everything in the app, you no longer need to update the rest of the team in person every morning about the plans, and there will be less questions about the plans. If you plan the week from home on Sunday evening, the staff will know everything immediately, and can plan from there. This way the communication will always be smooth, fast and with less questions.

Oskar Blom Kylin about the Mosson app

The Swedish trainer Oskar Blom Kylin, Team OKB plans everything in the Mosson app to digitalize the planning of the training and to be able to more easily reach out to his staff so they immediately get the information about how the week is planned.

One of the main advantages is that it is much easier and faster than before when he used pen and paper, he says.

Oskar and his team use the Mosson solution to plan the weeks and how the horses should be trained. Since the deadline to register for the races is often 6 days before the race, they already plan 6 days before which sulky should go with which horses, which grooms should come with and what time they should leave etc. That way it is easier for the grooms to plan their week and feel more settled in the coming week.   

And it is not only the staff who benefit from a digital solution in the stable. All the horse owners will also be able to follow their horses more closely with the Mosson Owner app that is connected to the Mosson Stable app. 

“To plan in a way where all the staff get all the information at the same time as I plan the coming week is one of the best things about Mosson. With the Owner app we can additionally send selected information to the owners,” Oskar says and he continues: 

“The Owner app is good because there are a lot of owners who ask when their horse has its next race. With the app they get a notification when a race is added to the training plan. That way we can directly share the plans with them when we plan the week. The whole point of owning a horse is to be a part of the process. When the staff and the grooms send pictures and updates to the owners, they can be part of it even if they are on vacation in Spain.”

With the Mosson Stable app you can plan your horses’ week and share the plans with your staff immediately. You can add information about the horses and share observations. 

With the Mosson Owner app the horse owners can receive daily or weekly updates about their horses. All horse owners will be updated about the horses’ next race. All the owners can follow their horse’s daily lives through pictures, videos and messages.

  • Engage and involve your horse owners
  • Let all the horse owners know about your plan and thoughts for the next race

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