Four reasons why you should switch to a digital whiteboard in your stable

Four reasons why you should switch to a digital whiteboard in your stable

1. Add details to your plans

Is your stable whiteboard one of those with letter codes to save space? W for walker, R for riding, L for longing? What about clients coming to look at horses for sale? Or a training you need to invoice later? Have you ever wished for more space to write details on that whiteboard? Details that can give the rest of the team more information about what will happen? And have you ever wished to change the plan on the whiteboard when you are away from the stable? 

2. Plan your horses’ schedule from anywhere in the world. 

With a digital whiteboard you can make a schedule for the horses with as many details you want from anywhere in the world. Plan your horses’ week from the showground, in the lorry, airport or the kitchen table. With a digital whiteboard on a tablet or ipad, you can mark several horses at one touch to go in the walker, to be longed or ridden. You can add as many details as you want to each training or task that you plan. How should the horses be longed, with what tack and by who? When the training or task is done you can leave feedback.

3. Never wipe your whiteboard clean 

Do you still keep physical lists for different things? A List for the farrier, a list with a timesheet for training, a list of which horses got deworming? With a digital whiteboard, each training and task has a tag and will be stored as data in certain folders. Which horses was done the last time the farrier was there? How many trainings do you need to invoice for? The data from the tasks and trainings will always be stored. No more wiping your whiteboard clean and deleting all that data.

4. Plan your students’ schedule 

Do you plan a weekly training schedule for your students? If not, now is the time to start doing that with a digital whiteboard. No matter where your students are, let them know what they should do with their horses every day. 

Veronica Öhrling at Semb Hovedgård, has students at home and at Arneberg Equestrian center. Both stables have Mosson Stable, and she can easily switch between the stables in the app to create a plan for her students. She plans the week for them and adds the time sheets for the lessons.

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