The sisters behind Mosson

Mosson is a Danish company established in 2018 by Julie Liv and Maria Morin. Mosson was initially established for the racehorse industry, but soon after launch, Mosson also developed a separate solution for equestrian stables. Today Mosson has tailored solutions for horse- and syndicate owners, organisations and race and equestrian stables.

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The idea of Mosson developed through years of dialogues with people in different industries.
 Julie has a background as an engineer in Healthcare Technology and Maria is an art historian. The early dialogues were centred around the shortcoming to the industry involving people working with animals, where important knowledge and information very often is only held by the employees. This is a difference to the health care industry where mistakes often are avoided by the use of digital system. Through continuous dialogues about the differences in the industries with numerous people in the horse business, the idea behind Mosson was established. The sisters wanted to create a digital solution to avoid mistakes when working with horses. Instead of relying on good memory, a digital solution helps the horse owners and employees concentrate on their work. 

“Happy, less stressed employees are more competent and patient employees, which in the end will generate better results for any kind of business”

Julie Liv


Julie Liv


Julie is a Health Care Technology Engineer. In her childhood she was all into horses. All moments that could be spent with the neighbours’ horses were seized and every opportunity to ride out into nature was taken. The greatest sense of freedom of all was in the stable with the horses and on horseback. For many years, horse life has been on hold and Julie has professionally worked in the healthcare industry with technological and digital solutions.

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Maria Morin

Product Owner

Maria has a background in art history and have worked for years with culture. Working in the equestrian industry with so many passionate people is a big drive for Maria in the daily work with Mosson. It is the passionate humans and their love and passion for their horses that is the focus for developing Mosson as a product. Maria knows every corner of the Mosson products – so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to Maria

mobile: +45 2346 9661

Sophie Clasen

Communication and marketing

Sophie is a real horse person. Having worked 7 years in professional stables in Europe, she knows the equestrian industry as her back pocket. She has also conducted a degree in media and communications and today she is doing the marketing and communication for Mosson. 

Jane Gammelgaard

Product Developer & UX Specialist

Jane has a background in Information Studies and UX, and after a detour where she trained and worked as a psycho motor therapist, she is now back in product development, aiming to make the Mosson user experience the best it can be. 

Christian Horsdal


Christian is a seasoned technologist with over 20 years experience building software intensive systems for a variety of industries. Christian focuses on building and maintaining the solid technological foundation underpinning Mossons apps and services.

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