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Is your stable one of those who started checking things off the five or eight-year-old to-do list during the Corona lock down? Keeping a farm up to high standards requires a lot of work. But with the right routines and some smart solutions you don’t need a Corona lock down or a brand-new fancy stable to make your farm look representable.

Some stables make people immediately feel like they want to stay. They lose track of time and feel welcomed and forget the world around. What exactly is it with these stables that give their visitors this feeling? First thing I can think of is the people and the core team in the stable. A positive atmosphere in the team can be felt immediately by arrival. Is the staff recognizing you when you arrive? Do they ask what and who you are looking for? But aside from the people, a place that looks clean and nice makes visitors want to stay, relax, have a cup of coffee and chat with those who have time. Am I not right?

Now, if you are a stable manager or a stable owner you probably have no more hours to spend during the day for cleaning and shining up your place. But small things can be added to your routines and they don’t need to take much of your time. Small things can make such a big difference to your stable:

  • New visitors will feel more welcome, your regular clients will notice a difference and appreciate it and you will avoid small things escalating to a bigger problem.
  • Discovering mould or other problems at an early stage can prevent it from becoming a much larger problem if you wait. Immediate fixes can save you from a lot of damage and operational cost. 
  • Routine cleaning is vital for horse health management and critical for adequate disease prevention.

MB horses in Denmark take good care of their place. They paint the arena and the stable every 3-5 years and clean the roof and rinse the gutters every year. The stable is cleaned two times during the summer. They trim the hedge 3-4 times during the summer. They cut the grass two times a week during the summer and remove weed two to three times per week. In the spring they spray weed killers. The courtyard is harrowed once a week. They have lots of flowers around inside and outside the house and they must be watered every day. Every day throughout the year they keep everything organized and make sure the things are washed, cleaned and dusted. The tack room is organized and swept regularly. All the small things are making that old farm look nice and representable.  

Taking care of the place you own is an important investment. Although this sounds like work for two people all year around, it is all about structuring the tasks and keeping an overview of when it needs to be done, so you don’t need to wait for the next lock down to get it all done at once. It is easier to keep it clean than to make it clean. Tanya Bennetsen

Add these things to your weekly list of tasks:

  • If you have a riding arena, you most likely have the right tools to maintain it. When you harrow your arena, do the courtyard as well if it is gravel. That way you prevent weed from growing.  
  • Get rid of weeds and plants.
  • Clean the tack room properly by sweeping, organizing the tack, clean the floor and dust the products that are not in the cupboards.

Add these things to your yearly list of tasks:

  • Spray weed killers in the spring; there are plenty of chemical free weed killer products on the market.
  • Clean and disinfect the horse stalls and the trailer/lorry. Disinfection also helps prevent human transmission of disease to horses. Remember to clean the area prior to disinfecting.

Plan your tasks to keep an overview of everything that needs to be done, and when you did it last time. When was the grass cut last? When was the weed removed? When was the arena painted last time? When was the roof cleaned? The boxes disinfected? The gutters rinsed?

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